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Learn the health benefits of Young Living Essential Oils.  These Young Living Essential Oils can help to support a yoga practice from grounding to a spiritual connection.  Understand the many uses of the oils in the home, for wellness, beauty, and balance.  Find out how you can enjoy these Essential Oils at a discount and possibly earn money by helping others at the same time.  CLICK ON the photo below to sign up as a distributor/member and receive oils at a discount,  My member number for both the Sponsor ID and Enroller ID is #1246276 and will be already in the form for your use.

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Join today by ordering the Premium Starter Kit, which includes the Basic and Basic Plus Kits PLUS 11 of the Young Living Essential Oils, the home diffuser, informational packets, oil, and NingXia Red samples.

If you have questions there is no obligation to call me at 701-255-8499 or email me at for more information.

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