“Hi Brenda, Just a note to thank you for today’s practice.  I came to class with a horrible lower backache and at the end of class it was completely gone.  The hip opener exercises we did apparently were just what I needed and this afternoon I feel like I have a new back!  So thank you, thank you!”  ~Sharon~

“Elizabeth has a luminous spirit which infuses all her teaching with encouragement, enthusiasm and energy. As one of her students for over 10 years, I have left every class with a greater sense of the possible. Her intuition and attention to detail make her classes accessible and rewarding for every student. The opportunity to practice with Betsey is a lasting gift.” ~Janis~

“I had always wanted to attend yoga classes in hopes of supporting my ever changing body and busy mind. Something about yoga classes though, often made me feel uncomfortable with my limited flexibility and oddly shaped body. That is until I took classes from Elisabeth Gross. The first thing she encouraged was letting go of self-judgement. Once my mind let go of judgement, I felt and inner peace that allowed me to become calm and very present. The best part of this yoga journey is that she taught me to hold a gentleness with myself and appreciate whatever my body was able to do on any particular day. That was a gift! Betsey guides her classes with a flow that clearly indicates her vast knowledge, skills, and training. She not only yields healthy bodies, but inspires the mind to find its way to self-kindness. You better get to her classes early or you won’t find a spot for your mat! She has quite a following!” ~Tina~ 

“Going to one of Elizabeth’s workshops is like opening the gate to a Secret Garden. She leads you to a magical place! One I want to return to on any given day!” ~Rebecca~

“Elizabeth is an extraordinary yoga instructor.  On an especially dreary day, she asked me to find my inner rainbow. That thought truly resonated with me. She continually seeks new and different practices to integrate into her classes, whether it’s guiding students through a new variation of a bridge or introducing us to Yoga Nidra through a workshop. She pays special attention to her students, suggesting variations for an unhappy knee, adding elements to suit the mood of the day, even covering feet during Nidra when she notices cold toes! She has an unmistakable passion for yoga, for learning and for helping others, which evokes a strong sense of community among her students.” ~Andrea~

“Betsey is the one who reminds me to calm the chatter of my busy mind, take a pause, and set each day with intention. Life’s stresses are left behind as I listen to her calming and centering words. Her style is creative and challenging while offering the encouragement needed to fully embrace each movement, each breath like a new experience. She moves me to a state of balance and sweet harmony.” ~Mar~

“Thanks Brenda! It has been so great to be back. You really have a wonderful studio- there are so many yoga studios in Albuquerque and none of the ones I have been to are nearly as awesome as yours!  Thanks for creating that space.”

“For years, I suffered from debilitating migraines, often related to muscle tension and/or stress, and occurring at least 2-3 times per month.  I tried over-the-counter and prescription drugs, chiropractors, acupuncture and massage therapy with no considerable relief.  Then one day my massage therapist suggested I try yoga.  I was skeptical because I’m not flexible and my background research on the subject often referred to the “spiritual” side of yoga, which didn’t appeal to the scientist in me (which is my profession).  But, I was willing to try anything for migraine relief so, I started going to Yoga For You.  Brenda and the other instructors at the studio made me feel welcome and comfortable, plus the variety of class times and levels offered at the studio made it easy for me to fit yoga in to my schedule 2-3 times per week.  Now 3 years later, I only have 1-2 headaches per year (that’s right – per YEAR), I’m stronger and more flexible than I’ve been in my entire life, and my stress level is a fraction of what it used to be.  Plus, I’ve realized that the “spiritual” side of yoga is simply a way of increasing my body awareness, which does appeal to the scientist in me.  I would recommend yoga to anyone who suffers from migraines and/or stress, as the relief I’ve discovered has made me a yogi for life!”

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