Training: I receivedOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA training from Expanding Light Retreat Center in Ananda Village near Nevada City CA. I completed 500 hours of Yoga Teacher Training and 100 hours in Meditation Teacher Training. I have also completed 200 additional hours in Yoga Therapy Training.
Classes: My class content for yoga practice includes Ananda style or a gentle style of practice, with a creative and instructional focus. Ananda Yoga is intended to uplift the practitioner and promote a sense of bliss, which is the translation of the word Ananda. Meditation classes include a variety of styles and techniques to provide each student with many options to choose from for a strong base in meditation. Options include instruction in Yoga traditions, Buddhist traditions, and those used in medical research in this country.

Why I teach Yoga: Yoga has given me personally a way of approaching life with balance, strength, and flexibility for 38 years. I feel very blessed to have been given this practice, and consider it an honor to pass this time honored discipline on with same grace and love.

Inspirations: My teachers, colleagues, and students along the way have been inspirations. The peace and healing I experience personally is inspirational. Finding God in everything is my inspiration.

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