Angie 2Training: Studied with R. Sharath Jois at KPJAYI in Mysore, India. Practiced yoga since 1998 and studied with many teachers of different traditions of Hatha Yoga. Has been teaching since 2003 and focusing primarily on Ashtanga since 2007. As a massage therapist, anatomy, alignment and the healing quality of yoga are a primary focus. She has also produced the yoga films: ‘Ashtanga Yoga with Basia Lipska’, ‘Mysore Magic’ and ‘Prenatal Flow with Basia Lipska’.

Classes: Power Flow, Ashtanga, Prenatal Yoga and Workshops

Why I teach Yoga: I have been blessed to study with many great teachers and have been so inspired by the practice that I want to share what I know with those eager to learn. The discipline of yoga has transformed my life and I see the potential each person has to transform their own lives with this scientific healing work. It brings me joy to help others find bliss, balance and deeper meaning in life, and yoga is definitely a path to all of that and so much more.

Inspirations: As a visual artist, I’m always seeking new inspiration from things all around me. I’m inspired by all the great teachers that came before, and those I have had the pleasure to study with, my students, and my daily ashtanga practice which is ultimately my greatest teacher of health, balance and surrender. I’m also inspired by my amazing husband and daughter, all forms of creativity, adventure, synchronicity and love.

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