Studio Etiquette

Studio Etiquette

Written below are some common courtesies when in a yoga class. Please keep these suggestions in mind for a peaceful and relaxing yoga practice.

  • Try to not eat at least 2 hours before class, some of the poses may restrict digestion or cause discomfort.
  • Turn off all pagers and cell phones or leave them in the car.
  • Arrive early to sign in, set up your mat, and get props for the class. An instructor can help you with the props you may need to help your body move comfortably into a pose.
  • Use props (blocks, straps, and blankets) for modifications to help your body get into the poses.
  • Let the instructor know of injuries or delicate areas that may need modifications during your practice.
  • Keep fragrances and natural odors to a minimum.  Be aware of personal hygiene, odors on clothing, and perfumes.  We practice deep breathing and the added scents may make it difficult for some students to enjoy their practice. Some classes offer essential oils which are not very strong and normally will not create an allergic reaction.
  • Let the instructor know if you do have certain allergies.
  • Sit, stand, or lie down on your mat. Focus on your breath or perform some simple stretching while others arrive.  This will help slow down the body and prepare you for the practice.
  • When walking around the studio, do not step on other people’s mats. Think of the mat as your sacred space.
  • The instructor will help set up your mat, each class is different depending on the instructor and the number of students registered for the class.
  • Registration is not mandatory (except for Special Events) but does help the instructor know the size of the class and who is coming to better prepare for the class. Payment for Special Events is needed at time of registration.  Click the calendar tab and then on Student Access to log in.  This will enable you to:  register or unregister for a class, pay for a class, see payment history, and view recent attendance.
  • Yoga is a practice, leave behind any prejudices and judgment of yourself or of others.
  • Every “body” is different so every pose will look differently on each student. Find your own practice for your body type.
  • There are varying yoga skill levels in each class, do not compare yourself to others. Try to pick appropriate classes for your knowledge base.
  • If you experience cramps, pain, or feel the stretch is too much; back out of the pose a little or flex the muscle to relax it.
  • Do not push, yoga is not a competition. Listen to your body.
  • Keep conversations for before or after class. Talking while the instructor is teaching can be disrupted for others.
  • If you need to leave class early, let the instructor know and leave before the final relaxation (shivasana). Leaving during this relaxation can be disruptive to other students.
  • During the final relaxation; meditate or lie still to allow the body and mind to completely relax after your practice.
  • After class pick up your area by placing props and other items away. If using a studio mat, clean it off for the next person, with towels and spray provided.  Place empty drink cups in waste basket.  It is suggested that you bring your own water bottle to fill at the studio, this will keep down on the trash.
  • Drink water before, during, and after class as needed. This will help lessen muscle cramps and keep you from getting dehydrated.  Yoga is a gentle practice but your body needs hydration to keep it safe during the practice.
  • Most importantly; relax and enjoy!

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