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Welcome to Yoga for You Studio in Bismarck, ND, we care about your health and safety.  We have 8 trained and certified instructors, with a wealth of knowledge to help keep you safe in your yoga practice and to share the essence yoga.  At Yoga for You we celebrate the fact that everyone is unique and each person has individual skill levels. Every-Body is different and we have classes just for YOU. We teach beginner to advanced yoga, gentle to power yoga and have occasional Hot Yoga classes during the winter months.  There are also specialty classes and workshops for Kundalini yoga, Astanga yoga, and Anusara yoga throughout the year check our Special Events Tab.  This Website is updated often so check back or call anytime for more information on classes and workshops as they become available, 701-255-8499.


We try our best to keep this Website up-to-date and add information every week.    Take a look around.  Click on CALENDAR for class times and to sign up for a class.  Click on SPECIAL EVENTS to see upcoming programs.  Click on PAY HERE to pay for a class. Click on ABOUT YOGA FOR YOU to read about us.  Click on MEET THE TEAM to read about our instructors.  Click on THE STUDIO to see where we are located.
Do you see a misspelled word, an error, or want to know more?  Please email brenda@yogaforyoubismarck.com



Are the instructors certified?  Yes, we have instructors certified at several different levels.  These certifications qualify the studio to have a safe environment for you to practice yoga.  This also ensures that the instructor has had the training to be able to teach a yoga class.

I am not flexible and have not taken yoga before, how do I get started? Click on the Schedule tab and find a Level One class (or similar class – see class descriptions) that would be convenient for you to attend.  Call today for more information 701-255-8499 or email me at brenda@yogaforyoubismarck.com

What should I wear? Wear clothing that will stretch and be comfortable.  Pants should be knee length or longer and the top should fit tight or wear a loose top over a tank top.  Clothing needs to move around with your body.

Should I eat before or after taking a yoga class? A person should eat no more than two hours before a yoga class.  This gives your food time to digest.  Sometimes there are twists and this could upset your digestion.  If you must eat before a class; have a piece of fruit or a small serving of yogurt.  Bring a travel mug of water if you would like.  Water is also available at the studio.

Do I need to buy a yoga mat? No, we have yoga mats available.  Once you have decided to continue your yoga practice you may want to buy your own personal mat.  We have yoga mats also available for purchase $25.

What do I do when I arrive at my first class? The instructor will welcome you and show you around the studio.  Provide you with a mat, blocks and blankets (props) to use during class.

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