Class Descriptions

Brief Yoga Class Descriptions

The descriptions are in alphabetical order.
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Ananda Yoga:  This classical approach integrates the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of your being  for self expansion and positive thinking.

Ashtanga Flow:  This type of yoga is based on the Ashtanga yoga, which is a set sequence of yoga poses.  It helps to build a regular practice and strength.  A student should have a good understanding of the sun salutation.

Awareness Yoga:  A practice focusing on fundamental asana (poses) with an emphasis on modifications.  This practice will build strength and flexibility while developing stronger body awareness.  You can apply this new found awareness in other yoga practices in which you participate. This class is suitable for all levels of practice.

Chair:  Many poses are seated, to help build strength, confidence, and coordination.  The yoga poses use a chair as a prop to assist with the poses.  Great for seniors or people who need support because of an injury or disability.

Chakra Yoga- Basic yoga poses to open the chakras, adding essential oils to enhance your practice. For all skill levels.

Early Morning Yoga:  Wake up and greet the day with a 45 minute yoga practice.  Make this your practice with deep breathing and a workout for all levels.

Hatha Yoga:  Is using the strength of the body to hold a pose.  Many of the postures are held for 5-8 breaths.  Good for those with an understanding of the postures so modifications can be made.

Hot Yoga:  This is a sequence of poses performed in a room where the temperature gets up to 90 degrees   A student should have a good understanding of the poses for modifications. Refreshing for those cold winter months.

Karma Yoga:   Enjoy an alternative style of yoga with meaning and upbeat music.  These healing poses will help to strengthen your mind and body.  Your instructor will set the intention and guide you in this positive practice.  Beginners to intermediate students welcome.

Kundalini Yoga:  Is meditation through vibration and movement using music and chanting.  Good for beginners, no experience necessary.

Level 1: Basic beginners to intermediate yoga, students will do gentle stretching, muscle building, and learn the basic poses.  People will also learn the names of the poses and become familiar with alignment.  Level 1 – Intermediate.

Mixed Level:  The instructor will take into account the skill levels of the students who arrive for this class and will teach appropriately for the class.  Level 1 – Intermediate.

Level 2: Intermediate to advanced yoga, includes holding postures longer to build stronger muscles, some advanced postures may be introduced.  Must have basic knowledge of poses and their names.  There will be more focus on alignment.

Meditation:  Meditation offers both the benefits of relaxation and the tools for dealing with the stresses of daily life as well as a path to explore the deeper aspects of ourselves. In Meditation With the Body we will explore the mind/body connection through practices with guided meditation from the Tibetan Vajrayana tradition of Buddhism.  Good for all skill levels, no experience necessary.  The class is for one hour, which includes a grounding period, the meditation, and a Q & A or discussion if there is interest at the end of the meditation.

Morning Yoga:  This is an early morning yoga for 75 minutes also good for beginner.  Warm up, with some muscle work, gentle stretching and basic poses that will help you start your day.  Good for all skill levels, beginners welcomed.  Level 1 – Intermediate.

Noon Yoga:   The instructor will take into account the skill levels of the students who arrive for this class and will teach appropriately for the class.  Good for beginners to intermediate students. This is a 50 minute class intended for a good stretch and reconnecting with self to work through the rest of the day.  Level 1 – Intermediate.

Partner Yoga:  Use the support of another person in a pose.  This brings people together through movement. play, breath and touch.  It is a great way to do difficult poses or try something new. Come with a friend/partner or find one in the class.  Level 1 – Intermediate.

Power Yoga:  This is an intermediate/advanced yoga class tailored to the students who attend. Some poses may be challenging but with modifications every-body will be able to practice at their level.  You will get a workout in this class.  The student should have a regular yoga practice to attend.

Restorative Yoga – This provides healing for the body and the mind. It is especially useful to eliminate fatigue and stress that result from daily activities. It can also help recover from illness and injury or overcome emotional depression and anxiety that are caused by traumatic events such as divorce, loss of job or death of a beloved.  The use of props makes it easier to maintain balance while stimulating and relaxing your body.  No experience necessary.

Sunrise Yoga:  This early morning yoga will start your day out right, with an Ashtanga based flow of movements to wake up your mind and body and set your intention for your day.

Vinyasa Yoga:  This style uses the breath with the poses to create flow in a practice. This practice will heat up the body and increase the heart rate.  Good for all skill levels but should have an understanding of the poses for modifications.  Level 1 – Intermediate.

Yoga on the Lawn:  This is a class offered through the BSC Enrichment Program.  Students pay BSC to participate although, Monthly Members of the studio are welcome to attend but must sign up online before the start of class.


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